X-Wing - Tantive IV

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X-Wing - Tantive IV 

Equipped with 11 Girodyne Ter58 high-output ion-turbine engines and a hardy hull, the Rebel Alliance prizes the CR90 for its sublight speed and durability. Armed with Taim and Bak turbolaser cannons and powerful shield projectors, the Tantive IV can hold its own in combat, but keeps escape pods at the ready should evacuation be the only option.

This pack includes everything you need to add one CR90 ship to your game. The CR90 adds a powerful attack platform to the Rebel fleet, featuring iconic Rebel heroes like Leia Organa and Raymus Antilles. This pack also contains a full-fledged campaign of missions, throwing players into the heat of the Galactic Civil War. In addition to these cinematic missions, Rebel players can field the CR90 in Epic Play format, allowing for massive fleets to clash in large-scale space battles!


1 Mission Booklet
1 CR90 Ship
2 Large Plastic Bases
2 Plastic Extension Pegs
1 CR90 Ship Token
1 CR90 Maneuver Dial
1 CR90 Maneuver Template
1 Huge Range Ruler
1 Reinforce Token
16 Energy Tokens
2 Target Lock Tokens (Q, R)
14 Shield Tokens
6 Ion Tokens
1 Campaign Progress Sheet
30 Mission Cards and Tokens
1 Reference Card
10 Fore Damage Cards
10 Aft Damage Cards
2 Ship Cards
24 Upgrade Cards



SKU XWG-9781616617691

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