Dominaria United Prerelease

Return to where it all began with our Dominaria United Prerelease!

2 SEP – 4 SEP 2022, TIMES:
• At Home! Casual
• Friday - 4:30pm Jumpstart
• Friday - 7pm Competitive
• Saturday - 11am Casual
• Saturday - 3pm Competitive
• Sunday - 11am Casual
• Sunday - 3pm Two-Headed Giant

• Jumpstart $20
• Casual $35
• Competitive $40

• Jumpstart: 1 Set Booster per player
• Casual: 2 Set Boosters per player
• Competitive: 1 Set Booster minimum and 1 additional per match win

In addition:
• The winner of each event will get a Legends Retold Box Topper!
• The player with the most match wins across all events will win a Secret Lair Drop
• Preregister your tickets to get Magic's 30th Anniversary Promos (Serra Angel, Ball Lightning, and Fyndhorn Elves), while stocks last

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