X-Wing - Core Set

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X-Wing - Core Set

X-Wing is a fast-paced game of tactical space combat in the Star Wars universe. Players control starfighters from either the Rebel Allaince or the Galactic Empire, outfit them with a variety of pilots, special weapons and upgrades, and attempt to outmaneuver their opponents. 

Featuring beautifully detailed painted miniatures, X-Wing is a two-player game of dramatic starfighter battles set in the Star Wars universe. You and your opponent take command of Resistance X-wings and First Order TIE fighters, then battle head-to-head for the fate of the galaxy.

X-Wing is a two-player miniatures game of fantastic, high-speed dogfights. Now, for the first time, you can enjoy these dramatic space battles with the incredible new starfighters from The Force Awakens!


2 Painted Plastic TIE Fighters

1 Painted Plastic X-wing

3 Plastic Ship Bases

6 Plastic Pegs

8 Ship Tokens

3 Maneuver Dials

4 Evade Tokens

3 Focus Tokens

12 Target Lock Tokens

11 ManeuverTemplates

8 TrackingTokens

1 Shuttle Token

4 Satellite Tokens

6 Asteroid Tokens

2 Shield Tokens

3 Stress Tokens

3 Critical Hit Tokens

27 ID Tokens

13 Ship Cards

33 Damage Cards

5 Upgrade Cards

1 Range Ruler

3 Red Attack Dice

3 Green Defense Dice

1 Rulebook

1 Quick-Start Rules Booklet



SKU XWG-9781616613761
Brand X-Wing Miniatures

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